Fulvic Acid


1. Stimulates enzymatic activity and increases the plants defence against abiotic stress factors
2. Promotes the take-up and transport of micro-nutrients in leaf fertilizers.
3. Acts as an anti-oxidant against free radicals and thus prevents cell damage.
4. Promotes root growth and biomass build-up.
5. Increases seed germination, promote root and shoot growth.
6. Acts as natural chelator for essential nutrients in the soil and increases their usability for the plants.
7. Improves moisture retention in the soil to increases drought tolerance in plants.

Seaweed Extracts

1. Seaweed Extract Powder/Flake
2. Seaweed Extract Liquid
3. Green Seaweed Extract Liquid
4. Seamino
5. Seaweed Functional Fertilizer
6. RootBooster

HumiSeaweed mix NPK


1. Promote vegetative growth and reproductive growth of crops.
2. Prevent leaf chlorosis, promote photosynthesis.
3. Enhance crops resistance to stress of drought, cold and high temperature.
4. Promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, and increase the oxygen content in soil.
5. Increase yield and improve quality.

Secondary and Micronutrients

1. CaMg
2. CaBoron
3. Microrich
4. Boron Liquid
5. ProBoron Liquid
6. Zinc Liquid
7. Fe Liquid
8. MnZinc

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