Rapidly correct boron or calcium deficiency.


1. Rapidly correct boron or calcium deficiency.
2. Enhance viability of pollen.
3. Increase seed set and fruit set, protect flower and fruit from shedding.
4. Increase the firmness of cell wall, enhance stress tolerance.
5. Improve the uptake of various nutrients.


Item  Specification
PH 3.5-5
Specific gravity 1.43-1.48
CaO 150 g/L
B2O3 10 g/L
K2O 80 g/L
Seaweed extract 300 g/L
Organic matter 20 g/L
Appearance Black brown liquid

Directions For Use:

Foliar spray: Diluted by 1:1500-2000.
For fruit trees, apply 1 time at bud emergence and 2 times within 2 weeks after flowering; for vegetables, apply 2-3 times in growing period.


Stir/shake it well before use.

Packaging & Storage:

1. Available in 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L, 1000L
2. To be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place, under normal condition with the original packing, the validity of product: 2 years.

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